Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wiz Khalifa cosigned by Snoop Dogg

Wiz Khalifa's been on his grind releasing new mixtapes and music all the time for free! This dope, talented artist straight from pittsburgh is on the right track with his fanbase right by him every step of the way. Wiz Khalifa reps black and yellow, taylor gang or die, till the day he dies. His talent's finally becoming recognized and appreciated, congratz to Wiz Khalifa to getting cosigned by Snoop Dogg. This is a major step in Wiz Khalifa's career which will definitely make him more known and promoted. Taylor Gang or die!

When Snoop Dogg was asked "Which rapper do you cosign?"

Snoop Dogg: "It’s a lot of them that’s hard in the yard right now. I got a couple of homeboys, Lil Pilot from the LBC, the Hustle Boys, Mack Shine 100 out the Bay Area and I like the boy outta Pittsburg, Wiz Khalifa. He off the chain with it. He represent that black and yellow and he go hard in the yard. He got a bunch of songs, he be smoking when he rapping, his shit is just… It sound like my kinda shit; I can get with it. The kids like it, I like it, he talking slick, he hard on his bitch, he smoke a lot of dope, he from Pittsburgh, I just like the nigga swag."

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  1. Meh. I might check this guy out and see what all the fuss is about.

  2. I wonder about those gangsta rappers... do they go ghey when in prison? And when they get out, is there still some ghey on them, or do they have stuff to wash that off?

  3. Can't wait to see what it produced out of their partnership.